10 Most Popular CrossFit Gyms in Montreal

Coach Mike

It’s midnight and you just finished another one of those “too much” Uber Eats order. It’s when you think to yourself – I should probably hit the gym. The solution is simple – grab your sport shoes and head to a CrossFit gym.

High intensity, functional and a motivated group – there’s nothing like the feeling you get after finishing a CrossFit workout. As a token of help, we created the list of the most motivating CrossFit gyms in Montreal.

Join the Crossfit fam

This list is for anybody interested in doing CrossFit in Montreal, whether you just moved or already live here:

1. CrossFit Gym Waverly

2. CrossFit Montreal

3. Pro CrossFit Gym

4. Gym du Plateau (CrossFit)

5. UNI. Training (CrossFit Gym)

6. YUL Fitness (CrossFit)

7. B52 (CrossFit Gym)

8. Studio Epix (CrossFit Gym)

9. CrossFit Griffintown

10. CrossFit Guerrier

1. Mile EndCrossFit Gym Waverly

Crossfit gym
Waverly Gym

We might be biased but the energy at Waverly is like no other CrossFit gym. With coaches taking the time to learn about each & everyone while teaching about training, you are in very good hands. They have limited spots, make sure you get your pass before the groups are full!

Location – 153 Rue Beaubien W, Montreal, QC H2V 4L5, Rosemont-La Petite-Patrie

Phone – 514 279-5000

2. Saint HenriCrossFit Montreal

Crossfit gym
CrossFit Montreal

The 3rd in Canada and first in Quebec, CrossFit Montreal is a CrossFit association Affiliate Center. Expert professionals prepare all their exercises by carefully and steadily improving the customers’ physical movements. If you like big spaces, the 10,500 squared feet training facility will make you feel tiny.

Location – Address: 4850 St Ambroise St suite #100, Montreal, Quebec H4C 3N8.

Phone – (514) 678 6867

3. Pointe Saint Charles – Pro CrossFit Gym

Crossfit gym
Pro Gym

With CrossFit classes in groups or private, Pro Gym can deliver the experience you need based on your level. What’s more? They also provide access to a shop where you can buy supplements, clothing, hair and massage therapy.

Location – 4500 Rue Hochelaga, Montréal, QC H1V 3N8

Phone: (514) 252 8704

4. Plateau Mont-Royal: Gym du Plateau (CrossFit)

Gym Du Plateau (CrossFit Gym)
Gym Du Plateau (CrossFit)

With a distinct gym center & an open gym concept, Gym du Plateau is truly unique in its genre. The membership allows you to access a slew of features and a range of community exercise opportunities like Reg Taerobic and Hot Booty Ballet, with interactive TV regimes and an open area gym.

Location – 1688 Mont-Royal Ave E, Montreal, Quebec H2J 1Z5

Phone – (514) 529 7643

5. Vieux Montreal – UNI. Training (CrossFit Gym)

UNI. Training (CrossFit Gym)
UNI. Training (CrossFit Gym)

The dedication to assisting you every step of the regime is the goal at UNI Training. Loads of support, fun activities and nutritional services offered. Since 1999, they provide personalized plans for individual preferences to get you into shape.

Location – 507 Place d’Armes Basement, Montreal, Quebec H2Y 2W8.

6. Downtown: YUL Fitness (CrossFit)

YUL Fitness (CrossFit)
YUL Fitness (CrossFit)

With diverse and vibrant workout sessions, YUL Fitness has one goal: push the limits of your strength training and mental conditioning with cutting edge workouts. They also have a clean gym & atmosphere.

Location – 1000 Sherbrooke St W, Montreal, Quebec H3A 3R3

Phone: (514) 647 3606.

7. Saint-Henri – B52 (CrossFit Gym)

B52 (CrossFit Gym)
B52 (CrossFit Gym)

Not just a CrossFit gym but also an exclusive health club, B52 offers indoor cycling, boxing, a fitness center, circuit training, and massage therapy. They’ve recently added hot yoga and nutrition services to make you feel it’s always “me time” at B52.

Location – 1001 Rue Lenoir, Suite A-120, Montreal, QC H4C 2Z6.

8. Downtown – Studio Epix (CrossFit Gym)

Studio Epix CrossFit Gym
Studio Epix (CrossFit Gym)

CrossFit routines with treadmill & muscle work is what Studio Epix is all about. They have a boot camp for those who are new to CrossFit as well as cardio exercises for all levels. All their trainers are also certified kinesiologists.

Location – 385, Rue Mayor, Montreal (QC) H3A 2K5.

Telephone – (514) 507 8836

9. Griffintown – CrossFit Griffintown

CrossFit Griffintown
CrossFit Griffintown

The CrossFit Griffintown is all about fun, family and getting fit together. You can train for a strongman, a triathlon or just want to get fit in general – no judgement. They also have a cute Vizsla dog hanging out if you like pets!

Location – 1362, Rue William, Montreal (QC) H3C 1R5

Telephone – (514) 394 0707

10. Mile-Ex: CrossFit Guerrier

CrossFit Guerrier
CrossFit Guerrier

If you are a CrossFit enthusiast then CrossFit Guerrier will probably be a great place to go for you. They are about getting more fit but more focused on high performance. Their goal is simple – create champions with a friendly family-like atmosphere.

Location – 6550, Avenue de l’Esplanade, Montreal, Quebec, H2V 4L5.

Telephone – 514 303 6550

What’s next?

Working out has become necessary due to our sedentary work from home lifestyle. If you want to keep yourself healthy, regular exercise is a must and CrossFit is a really good solution. It’s intense, social and healthy! It can also allow you to do well rounded functional workouts that will keep you strong in the muscles & the heart.

Remember, progress at your own pace & have fun!