14 Montreal Gyms That Will Make You Want To Train

Coach Mike

Although we’re a bit biased because Waverly Gym is our favourite Montreal gym, we don’t cater to everyone. It’s why we wanted to create the ultimate list of the top 14 gyms in Montreal.

We looked at equipment, vibe and price. The truth is, Montreal gym’s scene is awesome, which can make it hard to choose. Let’s not forget that choosing the right gym can make a big difference in your motivation.

Let’s dive head first into our list of 14 Montreal gyms that will make you want to train:

1 – Waverly Gym

Montreal Gym
Waverly Gym

Waverly Gym is located in the Mile-Ex. High quality coaching & programming, an environment to surpass yourself and an active community – Waverly has a lot to offer to its clients. They also take the time needed to educate you and improve your life because their coaches really care about you.

2 – B52

Montreal Gym
B52 Gym

B52 gym is a full health club. They have a fitness center, circuit training, indoor cycling, boxing and massage therapy. They are also able to provide you with a sense of community so that you feel helped every step of your fitness journey.

3 – Studio Epix

Montreal Gym
Studio Epix Gym

Studio Epix offers functional group workouts combining treadmill work and muscle work in a unique musical atmosphere. You also get access to a qualified, attentive personal trainer. If you like intense workouts and neon lights, then this Montreal gym should fit you just fine.

4 – Club Atwater

Club Atwater Gym

Forget about your standard gym provider, Club Atwater offers a complete experience: squash, badminton, group fitness, personal training, food & drink, private events, athletic therapy, massage therapy, nutritionist and cloakroom barber.

5 – Anytime Fitness

Anytime Fitness Gym

Anytime Fitness is a chain of Gym’s around Montreal that are accessible 24/7. If you’re looking for fitness consultations, group workouts or one-on-one training, they can deliver.

6 – YMCA

YMCA Montreal Gym

The YMCA is all about communities: volunteering, social activities, child care and much more! They also offer group classes, swimming sessions, squash, gym and 1-on-1 trainings. They also have numerous locations to make it more convenient.

7 – Pro Gym

Pro Gym Montreal

If you want to do musculation, yoga, boxing or even just functional training, ProGym has what you need. They have private training sessions, a hairdresser and indoor parking for those tired of looking for parking spots or having a bad haircut.

8 – Olympic Stadium Sports Center

Olympic Parc Gym

Who wouldn’t want to train where olympic athletes train? The Olympic Stadium Sports Center offers group classes, swimming & diving lessons and access to their super clean gym.

9 – Midtown Athletic Club

Midtown Athletic Club

The Midtown Athletic Club offers tons of classes and programs: group exercise, tennis, fitness & training, pilates, aquatics and youth training. If you are looking for the full fitness package, you will be served on a platter.

10 – Monster Gym

Monster Gym

The Monster gym in Montreal is an enormous 70,000 squared foot space that includes a sky high jogging track, a women only section, a boxing area, X Fit section, an outdoor gym and enough equipment for the entire population of Montreal (almost kidding). If you like spacious gyms, you will dig this one.

11 – EconoFitness

Econo Fitness Gym

Econo Fitness is well known for being the most affordable gym in Montreal. They have fully equipped gyms for all workouts you might want. The only downside, low prices always attract a lot of people. The gyms do end up being quite busy.

12 – X Fit

X Fit Montreal Gym

X-Fit is a private Montreal gym for those who want to train like athletes. The gym was built by Derek, a former Alouettes strength & conditioning coach. If you’re looking for something focused on athleticism, Derek’s your guy.

13 – Énergie Cardio

Énergie Cardio Gym

Énergie Cardio is a big gym chain in Montreal. You can purchase a gym membership and get access to a nutritionist, body composition analysis, sport preparation, special medical considerations, personal training and much more!

14 – Report Fitness

Report Fitness Montreal

Report Fitness has 4 locations in and surrounding Montreal. They offer HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and Calisthenics (strength workout). They welcome all levels so if you’re interested in these type of workouts, you’ll be delighted.