Nicolas Pinkerton

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I joined Waverly following the end of my university rugby career. I was looking for something to satisfy my love for competition as well as to keep me healthy and active. Now I get to do all that as well as help others reach their goals too! It’s a win-win. Favorite exercise: I don’t really have a single favourite exercise, but I love working on making my fitness as well-rounded as possible! In the summer I love to get out on my bike as much as possible and through the winter, there’s nothing better than getting under a heavy barbell.

My favourite part about my time at Waverly so far is definitely the community of people I have been introduced to. From engineers to doctors to teachers and professors, I enjoy showing up to coach or train as much for the workout as for the people I get to do it with.

“If it's easy then you’re doing it wrong”

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